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As an aid worker, I spent years swallowed up in the demands of day-to-day frontline humanitarian work. Each day brought an endless range of challenges - dealing with ill-disciplined soldiers, liaising with goverment at all levels, and responding to outbreaks of fighting. On top of this came staff disputes, cultural differences, and all manner of health emergencies.

After several years I got a chance to pause and step back from the frontline pressures of aid work. As I did, I found myself reflecting on all the lessons I'd learned, and wishing someone had prepared me for those challenges, ahead of time.

At the time I was creating training simulations which replicated the pressures and situations my colleagues and I had faced. I noticed a disconnect between the type of training that took place in our simulations - full of experiential learning and high tension - and the distant advice being offered through textbooks.

Decision Making in Disaster Response bridges this gap. It takes the pressure of a simulation and the learning of years of aid work, and combines the two into writen form. It helps readers - both experienced and new humanitarians - develop the skills for disaster response, well ahead of any actual situation.


Univeristies and emergency management courses frequently ask me to speak to their groups. My approach is to deliver engaging workshops - online and in person - designed to expose disaster response trainees to the realistic pressures of natural disasters and complex emergencies.

Contact me to request a presentation.


My work exposes me to situations of great brokeneness. I have immense respect for charities which are working to improve the lives of forgotten and discarded children.

Two charities supported long-term are Confident Children out of Conflict and Child Rescue New Zealand.


In addition to disaster response training courses, I write fictional thrillers full of lessons for aid workers. Sign up to the mailing list to get advance notice of upcoming books.

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