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"This should be required reading for any humanitarian from the get go."
Decision Making in Disaster Response textbook

Can a non-fiction textbook be a page-turner?

It can when you, the reader, are the star of the story, and your decisions influence the direction the story takes.

"A must-read before you enter into an emergency response."


Combining real-life stories from the front-line of humanitarian work with clear teaching principles, Decision Making in Disaster Response  has found its home on the reading lists of universities across the globe,  and in the hands of new and experienced practitioners alike.

See a sample training video created by based on the book's content, and access a stand-alone sample chapter.

How would you respond in the following situations:

South Sudan, Africa: The aggressive armed militia member in front of you wants $50 before he’ll let you deliver your cargo of essential medicine to the war-torn town’s clinic. Your agency prohibits paying bribes. If you don’t pay him, people will almost certainly die. If you do pay him, you’re supporting the very people who are attacking the town.
What would you do?

"The most practical 'theory' book I've read in a long time."

Read about the core principles in this feature from the Humanitarian Practice Network.

Your colleague wants to take armed police in your vehicle to guide you through a rioting crowd, in order that you can continue to serve people fleeing a civil war. Will you be seen as siding with the police? Will you be caught in the riot? Should you prioritise those in need over your own safety? What will you choose?

“This book is extremely valuable to people who are entering the sector. The dilemmas and narrative felt very realistic, the learning outcomes quite clear."

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