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We have a right to enter, you decide.


No-one’s pass is up-to-date, but that is just how things are here.

“We need to get in to do our work,” you insist.

The soldier calls out, and a few moments later several armed men surround your vehicle. They pull you out roughly and drag you to a nearby building, along with your colleagues.

It’s several hours before you’re finally released, after the intervention of officials who show their displeasure at being disturbed. You’re concerned about the impression on these officials who see you being blocked from doing your work...

The flight you had booked has already been assigned to another client, and you have no chance of flying out materials during the rest of the day.

Despite the bruising encounter, you’re glad you stuck to your principles. Still, you spend the whole evening rearranging bookings to make up for your missed flight, and you worry about how things will go when you turn up for the tomorrow's flight.



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University of Washington

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